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Choosing a driving instructor.


If you are paying someone to teach you to drive, they must be approved and registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Only a registered approved driving instructor (ADI) can charge money for teaching you to drive.

Recent surveys indicate that nine in ten learners who passed both theory and practical tests first time were taught by an instructor. A fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI) must display a green certificate on the windscreen of the car while teaching you. Some trainee driving instructors are granted a licence so they can gain experience before their qualifying examination. In this case, the trainee driving instructor must display a pink certificate on the windscreen.

DSA is responsible for maintaining and checking the standards of all approved driving instructors (ADI), who to qualify must:

  • have held a full driving licence for at least four years
  • pass a much tougher theory test than the one learner drivers take
  • pass a strict driving test
  • reach and keep up a high standard of instruction. The standard of tuition given by the ADI is regularly checked by a supervising examiner from DSA
  • be registered with DSA
  • display an ADI identification certificate on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle

You should take advice from your ADI on:

  • all aspects of driving
  • what books to read
  • when to take your test
  • how to practice

DSA, as a government agency, is not allowed to recommend an instructor. We suggest that you ask friends and relatives to recommend someone they know. You could also look in a local business directory for ADIs in your area. Try and choose an instructor who:

  • has a good reputation
  • is reliable and punctual
  • has a car that suits you


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